Pre-Retirement Workshop for Federal Public Service employees

Welcome to the Pre-retirement Workshop for Federal Public Service employees.                                             Français

The 2-day workshop is offered to employees of the federal public service and is designed to facilitate the transition from work to retirement by providing important information on the various aspects to be considered in planning for retirement. Participants will acquire knowledge and tools that will help them better prepare for this important transition.

The Pre-Retirement Workshop, delivered on working days from Monday to Friday, from 08:30 am to 4:30 pm, contains the following modules:

1. Pension Plan

This module is delivered by a Public Service Superannuation Act (PSSA) certified Pay Specialist

2. Health and nutrition

The focus of this module is on diet, health and their impact on retirement.

3. Psychological Aspects of Retirement

This module focuses on the challenges and impacts of this life transition.

4. Estate Planning

This module includes all aspects of succession planning.

Note: Due the differences between the legal jurisdictions between Quebec and Ontario Provinces, and unless otherwise stated, when you register to a session delivered in the province of Quebec, only Code civil will be discussed and presented by a Notary. When you register to a session delivered in the province of Ontario, only Common Law will be discussed and presented by a lawyer. Nonetheless the course material contains content covering both legal jurisdictions available for each official language.

5. Financial Planning

This module deals with various topics related to good financial planning for retirement.

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